Project Description


Brendan Standen – Senior Town Planner


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Brendan graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in mid-2015 and has worked in both private practice and local government. He has experience in preparing and managing development applications and looks forward to developing further practical knowledge of statutory planning processes.

Prior to joining the Reel Planning team as an undergraduate planner in February, Brendan had undertaken a number of placements in both private practice and local government in South-East Queensland. These placements gave him key insight into both the development application and development assessment process relating to a range of residential, commercial, industrial and educational developments, with an appreciation of how local and State planning instruments affect different projects.

Following his graduation, Brendan took up a full time position as a graduate town planner for Reel Planning CQ. Being a long-time visitor to the Capricorn Coast, holidaying often at Emu Park, Brendan has always had a desire to expand his knowledge of and affection to, the region by contributing to the coordinated development of its natural and built environment.

With his knowledge of the Capricorn Coast, and ability to effectively interpret planning legislation and assist in the preparation of a variety of development applications, Brendan is able to efficiently assist both those he works with, and private sector clients. In his new position, Brendan now looks forward to gaining a greater understanding of statutory planning processes through Reel Planning’s work in Central and Far North Queensland.